Privacy Your Privacy in Saturn.

Saturn is designed from the ground up to keep your information Private.

Only your website administrators can see your personal informaiton. Your email addresses and passwords are kept securely locked away from prying eyes, and anything to remove from Saturn stays removed.

User Privacy Controls

Saturn has User Privacy Controls to help make you feel more comfortable with what people know about you.

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    Surname Abbreviation

    Saturn will shorten your surname to only the first letter to public viewers, whilst appearing as normal to you and your website administrators.

Built-in Privacy

Saturn's Built-in Privacy keeps your data secure by design.

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    Enterprise Level Hashing and Encryption

    Saturn Securely hashes your IP Addresses and User Keys so nobody (not even your website administrator) can see your IP Address. Our hashing algorithms are avaliable to plugin and theme developers too, making everything in Saturn work securely together.

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    Secure Delete

    When you add or remove information from your own personal profile it's not logged or stored anywhere, so if you decide you don't want people to know something that was previously in your bio, you can remove it and it'll be gone forever. We never log sensitive information, so you can rest assured it'll never hang around.

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    No Trackers

    The Saturn panel doesn't track you across different websites. The only trackingninformation we keep about you is how many views your work gets, and that's kept locally on your website and never shared with Saturn HQ.

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    Marketplace Screening

    We check every plugin and theme that is distributed via the Saturn Marketplace, so you'll never find a plugin or theme that will abuse your privacy, track your activity or store personal information in a non-personal way.

Hashing and Encryption

Saturn's Security System uses industry-leading Hashing and Encryption algorithms and technologies. We store all our user passwords using Salted BCrypt hashes. Salting allows us to make your passwords even more secure, if two users have the exact same password the encrypted hash that appears in the database will be completely different thanks to our Salts.

We also use Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (With a length of 512!) hashing on your IPs and User Keys to keep this information Private. As well as using these hashing standards ourselves, we also provide Saturn plugin and theme developers with libraries to use our recommended hashing standards. If a newer and more secure hash becomes ready for us to use, you won't need to wait for your plugin developers to update as the second we do, they automatically move to the new system too.

Sharing Data

Your Saturn website may send some information back to us here at Saturn HQ so that we can verify certain functions, most of the time this information will never include any personal info and is completely anonymous.

However, if you're banned from a Saturn website and the website is opted-into our Global Security System (you'll be notified of this when you register for an account on the site) your Hashed IP and Email Address will be stored in our Database and shared with Saturn websites to help prevent misuse of our software.

Want to know more?

We now have a Privacy Notice for Saturn Software. You can see it at (opens in new tab).